Annual Giving

Meet Van Haden - one of the 10,000+ patients treated at The Viola Startzman Clinic, because of donors like you.

Van was severely injured after being hit by a car. After months in the hospital and many surgeries, he came to The VSC where he was referred to our volunteer physical therapist, Chet Underwood.

At his first visit, Van was in a wheelchair - unable to stand, walk, or support himself. Over time and with Chet’s aid, he gradually progressed to a walker, then eventually a cane.

“It was a big step when I started using a cane. I donated my wheelchair and walker to the clinic because I didn't want to give myself any excuse for going backward. I only wanted to go forward.”

Now, Van is fully mobile once again!

Once he was discharged from physical therapy, Van made a monetary donation to the Clinic and is also a new volunteer. He’s using his hard-earned mobility and passion for gardening to spruce up the building.

"I like looking back at the battle I fought and remembering how far I really came!”

The generosity of donors like you to The VSC makes success stories like Van’s possible!

Will you join us in our critical mission to provide accessible healthcare and make a significant difference in our community?

Thousands of patients just like Van visit The VSC every year.

The need in our area is great and urgent.